Words For God, by a servant of Jesus

Thoughts and impressions from the heart

The Hidden Agenda



“You cannot be a full minister

Because you are a woman

Jesus does not accept you

As His full servant of God

Because you are a woman”

A man wants to have this

For himself

He says

“O yes I accept you

You can be a minister

But I will not take Eucharist

From you

Because you are a woman”

He hides himself

Behind a version of

The Word of God

A version that is

In his mind only

His agenda is

To have power

To suppress women

To have the full privilege

To have sole right

On the full service of God

To be the only one to

Give Jesus Body and Blood

His agenda is very hidden

Behind his words

“O, I don’t mean to

Discriminate you

You can become a minister

But not in full

I am sorry but this is

A fact”

His agenda is very hidden

Maybe even to himself

In the end

He will kill you


Awareness Of Your Sin


Jesus came to call sinners

Not the righteous

If I think I am a sinner

I am called

If I think I am righteous

I will miss the whole point

To Live


photo by Taruna

Do we live like we do because we are not with God

Or is it because we are not with God that we live like we do

The Secular Church


The secular Church

From where does the idea come

Jesus never approve of it

Jesus always wanted

The Will of God

The Glory of God

The Beauty of God

He threw out the ugly


From The House Of God

He was angry

He was furious

About it

Where are His

Followers now…

Committment And Freedom

“Committment” Digital painting by the author

In youth I did not

Commit  and obey

Your teachings

I thought I could

Just live on

Be free

Craving Your love

Taking it for granted

But I started

Longing for it

Your love

Your attention



To my heart

In my cells

Wanted to be






My freedom

SOO Many Gods


We have many gods


God of food

God of sex

God of TV

God of sports

God of money

God of garden

God of house

God of family

God of books

God of weather

God of feasts

God of fashion

God of science

And endless more gods

But we should have



Jesus hands, painting by Taruna Rettinger

“Jesus Hands takes all tears” painting by the blogger

Doubts can be of many kinds

One is aching

That You cannot believe

Even if you would like to

Your mind is in the way

One is pleasant

You feel proud not to believe

Because you don’t want to

Your heart is in the way

The aching leads to

Greater contact with God

More pleasure

The pleasant leads to

More and more


From God

More aching

All Is Not Yet Said…


Jesus embraced the suffering

Jesus embraced the cross

Jesus took the rebukes

Jesus accepted the shame

Jesus walked the path of pain

Jesus bear the abandonment

Jesus witnessed the injustice

Jesus felt the barbarity

Jesus sensed the heartlessness

Jesus stood speechless

Jesus identified the fear

Jesus remembered compassion

Jesus endured the scolding

Jesus tolerated the ignorance

Jesus swallowed the evilness

More and more can be said

All is not said

Will never be

What Jesus took to His heart


On the cross

And carried to His Father

For redemption

For forgiveness

For reconciliation




To Carry Your Cross


To approve suffering

For Jesus

With Jesus

Gives endurance

Endurance gives steadiness

Steadiness gives hope

To not approve suffering

For Jesus

In Jesus

No endurance

No steadiness

No hope


The False Leaders

Living Water, photo by Taruna

They forgot their resting place


The resting place is

In your heart

The emptied heart

The heart filled

With God

Jesus died for us

 He also lived for us

He has always lived for us

Long before

We even existed


To tell us to live

In this world

To tell us to pray

For sensegratification

To tell us that Jesus died

Therefore you don’t have

To die to live

Is to drag you away

From your resting place

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